Workshop 2019

Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation
Monday July 1st – Thursday July 4th, 2019 | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Maiersdorf room 501, Mount Scopus Campus

A four-day collaborative research workshop aimed at launching and showcasing the new digital iClassifier lab platform ( developed at the Hebrew University, in the framework of the Israel Science Foundation project 735/17. The workshop starts from the Ancient Egyptian script and offers lectures discussing a range of topics in classifier scripts and languages. Sessions geared towards providing all participants with the practical knowledge necessary for their use of the iClassifier digital platform will take place daily.  


Jean Winand (University of Liège) 
The Role of Classifier Analysis in Egyptian Lexicography 

Orly Goldwasser (Hebrew University) 
iClassifier: Objectives, Goals, Targets

Colette Grinevald (DDL, CNRS–Université Lumière Lyon 2) 
Classifiers Across Media: A Typological  Overview
PDF icongrinevald_jerusalem_iclassifier_talk.pdf

Haleli Harel (Hebrew University) 
‘Classifying the Other’: Mapping Semitic Loanwords in Egyptian by their Classifiers - A Pilot iClassifier Corpus 

Frank Kammerzell (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) 
Traces of Spoken Language Person Classifiers in Pre-Egyptian Polysystematic Compositions

Roman Gundacker (Austrian Academy of Sciences) 
Classifying Compounds in Ancient Egyptian: Perspectives on Morphology and Writing

Christian Casey (Brown University)
“Where Have All the Classifiers Gone?”: Classifiers in Demotic

Yongsheng Chen (Ocean University of China)
Classification in the Ancient Chinese Script

Annick Payne (Bern University)
Classifiers in Anatolian Hieroglyphs

Dörte Borchers (Karl-Franzens-University of Graz)
Classifiers in Nepali and Burmese

Simon Thuault (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) 
Collective Nouns and their Classifiers in Ancient Egyptian 

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